Stockport’s Solar Shines On

Stockport is leading Greater Manchester in gnenerating its power from solar electricity

Solar panels are helping to power almost 2,000 homes in Stockport and nearly 30 Stockport Council buildings to help the environment and save money.

As part of a multi-million pound investment to provide low carbon improvements including solar energy, wood chip fuel, thermal cladding and updated boilers, Stockport is the only Greater Manchester borough to deliver a solar panel programme on this scale.

It is estimated that the installations, which began in autumn 2011, cut energy bills by £130 and reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 600kg per home.

The residential programme has seen residents living in Stockport Homes’ managed properties across the borough benefit from roof installed solar photovoltaics which capture the sun’s energy and generate electricity – even on one of Stockport’s cloudy days!

Other Council-owned properties such as Stopford House, Romiley Forum, libraries and the borough’s Target Life and Fitness Centres have also benefitted from the investment, saving money and carbon and putting Stockport at the forefront of sustainable change in Greater Manchester.

“The investment not only saves local residents money on their bills, but brings income back to Stockport Homes from the government’s feed in tarrif,” said Cllr Ann Smith.  “The panels will last for 25 years, but will have paid for themselves after ten.”

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