Recycling: Stockport rated Best in whole North West

Stockport is now Britain's 6th best recycling authority
Stockport is now Britain’s 6th best recycling authority

Stockport Council is thanking green-minded residents for helping the borough be the best for recycling rates in the whole of the North West.

Stockport also thrashes all London boroughs, recycling more than any other metropolitan authority in the country. In the league table of all of Britain’s 354 council’s, Stockport comes 6th.

The recycling success means that not only are Stockport residents doing their bit for the environment, they are helping keep council tax down and saving money that can be spent on other services.

The cost of landfill means it costs £246 more per tonne to dispose of waste from the black bin compared to the blue and brown bins.

The Council’s ‘Right Thing Right Bin’ campaign continues to help residents to make sure their recycling efforts aren’t wasted. Materials sent for recycling are checked at the depot and it only takes a few households to have put the wrong items in their recycling bins for a lorry load to be rejected and sent to landfill, causing unnecessary environmental damage and costs.

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