Lib Dems pledge to oppose residents’ parking “stealth tax”

PARKING_PERMIT_SIGNFollowing widespread media coverage about councils using inflated residents’ parking permit charges as a way of increasing their income, Stockport’s Liberal Democrat Group have expressed concern that the new Labour Executive may choose to adopt a policy similar to Labour run Manchester City Council and force residents to pay more.

Speaking of these concerns Cllr Mark Hunter, Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader and shadow transport spokesperson said: “Under Liberal Democrat control, Stockport’s resident parking charges have been deliberately held at the cost of administering the scheme, making a charge of only £31 per car. According to recent figures, the national average is £64, so we have been charging less than half of that.

“Compare this with Labour run Manchester City Council, where some residents’ parking permits cost as much as £750 a year, nearly 12 times the national average and over 24 times the price of a permit in Stockport. This clearly amounts to a rip off to prop up the council’s coffers.

“Stockport Liberal Democrats will be keeping a close eye on these charges and we will campaign against any proposals by the new Labour administration to hike residents’ parking permit charges as a stealth tax to prop up their budget.”

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