Stockport Lib Dems condemn further short-sighted cuts to our NHS

pharmacy-medicineStockport Lib Dems have condemned today’s government announcement that the Community Pharmacy budget is to be cut by more than 7% over the next two years. According to the government’s own figures, up to 3000 of the smaller pharmacies will now become non-viable and close.

Speaking after the announcement, Cllr Laura Booth, Lib Dem Shadow Spokesperson for Health, said: “This is going to hit the small, local pharmacies at the heart of our communities. It’s madness to make it more difficult for people to get advice and treatment from a pharmacist. It will put more pressure on GPs and Accident and Emergency departments.”

“Only a few months ago we were being told that an extra £350m a week could be made available to the NHS if we voted for Brexit. Once again we call on the government to properly fund our NHS, especially those parts which help avoid more costly hospital admissions, such as public health and community pharmacies.”

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