Stockport Local Assistance Scheme temporary reprieve

Following the announcement by the council that it is withdrawing the proposal to scrap the Stockport Local Assistance Scheme, Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of Stockport’s Liberal Democrats, said: “We are sure residents will share our relief that this important safety net has been saved, but they will also share our concern that it is only saved for a year with a ‘thorough review’ of the scheme to be made over the coming year. One would have hoped that such a review would have happened before making a proposal to scrap a scheme which provides vital support to such vulnerable residents.

“Stockport’s Liberal Democrats have opposed this wrong-headed budget proposal since it was announced and we are frankly astounded that it has been handled in such a clumsy way. This was a thoroughly bad and mean-spirited suggestion in the first place and no doubt many members of the public will share our disgust that it should have come from a Labour administration at the Town Hall”.

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