Brexit Party standing down in Cheadle and Hazel Grove shows how far Conservative Party has fallen

Responding to the news that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party will not be standing candidates in Cheadle and Hazel Grove, the Liberal Democrats have said it’s clear that moderate Conservative voters have been left homeless.

Liberal Democrat candidate for Hazel Grove, Lisa Smart said:

“It’s clear that the Conservatives and Brexit Party are now the same. Boris Johnson’s alliance with Nigel Farage has shown that they have only one ambition in mind, to deliver the hardest Brexit possible that puts jobs and our public services at risk.

“Conservative voters across Hazel Grove have already contacted us, saying they simply cannot continue to back a party that would work with the likes of Nigel Farage and Aaron Banks.”

Liberal Democrat candidate for Cheadle, Tom Morrison said:

“The Conservative Party has rejected the politics of Ken Clarke and Winston Churchill’s grandson and replaced it with the politics of Nigel Farage and Donald Trump.

“People across Cheadle deserve so much better. They are not the kind of people that would be comfortable with this nasty little alliance, and I’m sure this will be made clear in the next few weeks.”

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