A very good set of election results for Stockport Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats had a very good set of results in this year’s all-out local elections, taking 30 of the 63 seats on Stockport Council, leaving them just short of overall control of the council, with the Tories wiped out and Labour falling back slightly. There are now three other Groups, holding the three seats in one ward each.

Speaking after the results, Cllr Mark Hunter, current Leader of the Council and Leader of the Lib Dems at Stockport Town Hall, said: “Nobody can deny that this was a very good set of election results for the Liberal Democrats. We have made yet more gains and consolidated our position as the largest single party on Stockport Council.

“We have yet to have the necessary discussions with the other Groups but, whilst we take nothing for granted, I am optimistic that we will have the support we need to continue in administration and that I will be elected once again as Leader of the Council. This should be resolved in the coming days, ahead of the Annual Council meeting towards the end of this month.”

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