Residents Get Action on Dog Fouling in Stockport

Lib Dems listening to Residents and taking Action on Dog Dirt

Stockport’s Lib Dem Councillors have taken action to curb the menace of dog mess on Stockport’s streets.

Thousands of residents – including responsible dog owners who clean up after their dogs – have complained to the Lib Dem team through their Resident Surveys and summer door-knocking sessions about dog mess on Stockport streets.

To take action to combat the problem, Stockport Council has launched a new text message alert system to crack down on irresponsible dog owners.

If residents witness a dog owner failing to clean up after their dog they can text 07624 805 662 with information that will go directly to the Dog Warden so that immediate action can be taken.

Users of the service should text the following so that action can be taken:

  • Specific date and time of dog fouling 
  • Specific location of the fouling
  • Brief description of dog and the owner
  • The name of person texting (if they are willing to provide this)

Senior Councillor Sue Derbyshire urged residents to use the service whenever they witnessed irresponsible owners.

“This menace is something that comes up time and time again in our conversations with residents, and we want to give people the power to do something about it. Residents can text the service whenever they come across dog fouling not being cleaned up so the Council can take swift action.”

New Leisure Centre in Adswood?

Lib Dem team Fighting for an Adswood/Bridgehall Leisure Centre

Stockport’s Lib Dem team are encouraging residents to have their say by contributing to a consultation on the future of leisure services here in Stockport, including a plan to build a new leisure centre that could be located in Adswood or Bridgehall.

The Council has undertaken a full review of the leisure facilities it owns and made a set of ambitious proposals to raise the quality of leisure services throughout Stockport. 

The plans involves building a new leisure centre to serve the town centre, Edgeley, Adswood and Bridgehall, as well as improvement of existing facilities around the borough to ensure they become well used by residents and sustain themselves financially. 

But local Lib Dems are keen that residents have their say on the proposals before the Council moves forward with the plans and are asking people to take part in the consultation via the Council website. 

Local Councillor Ann Smith said of the proposals: “As a councillor representing Adswood and Bridgehall I will continue to fight to make sure residents I represent get their fair share of leisure services.  I hope local residents agree with me and read the proposals, and take part in the Council’s consultation.”

Residents can contribute to the consultation online, or via their local leisure centre or library. 

Decide how YOUR money is spent in Stockport

The Stockport Lib Dem “Focus” team is encouraging residents who live in the town centre to play a part in deciding where taxpayer’s money is spent locally at a community meeting on 30 July.

The Council works in partnership with the local Police and other bodies to provide the ‘You say, we pay’ scheme, which gives residents the chance to decide how money should be spent to improve their community.

After successful events in Brinnington and Adswood, residents of the town centre will now have a chance to have their say on how thousands of pounds of public money is spent.

Residents attending the event will use an interactive voting system to decide which projects they think will benefit the community most

The ‘You say, we pay’ event will be held at Stockport Baptist Church, (Thomson Street, Stockport, SK3 9DR), from 10.00am to 2.00pm on 30 July.

Lib Dem Councillor Mark Weldon, said: “This will be the tenth ‘You Say, We Pay’ event held in Stockport, but the first in the Town Centre. Previous events have proved extremely popular with residents as they are a great opportunity for people to decide how money should be spent in their community.”

Lib Dems Getting Behind County

Stockport Lib Dems: Doing what we can to get behind County

Sue Derbyshire and the Stockport Lib Dem team are calling on Stockport residents to help local football club Stockport County in its hour of need.

Last season County were relegated from the Football League for the first time in more than a century and the club faces a severe financial crisis.

Lib Dems at the Town Hall wanted to help County with money the council saved when carrying out a government initiative. 

County forms an important part of the community, not only as a major sporting facility provider but also for small businesses throughout Edgeley, Davenport, Cale Green and Shaw Heath that depend on the business County provides to the area.

But the initiative was blocked by Labour councillors who insisted that the money be spent elsewhere, despite County’s perilous financial position.

Council leader Dave Gohe funding would have had no effect on Council Tax payers or services in the borough, but would have demonstrated the town’s support for County to potential investors in the club.

“County forms a big part of our community and an important part of our local economy, especially for small businesses near Edgeley Park,” said Council Deputy Leader Sue Derbyshire.

“I hope residents that want to back County support our campaign to help the club at this difficult time.”

Ann to HGVs: Respect Stockport’s Roads

Lib Dem Councillor Ann Smith has started a petition against HGVs abusing local road limits.

Unlike Labour’s Councillors for the Davenport and Cale Green area, Ann lives right in the heart of the ward.  She sees first hand the disruption megalorries cause on local roads.

That is why Ann fought for HGV limits and is now fighting so that they are enforced, just as residents were promised.

Residents wanting to sign her petition and help support Ann’s campaign can do so by e-mailing