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Unemployment falls again in Stockport

Lib Dem policies Stockport
Lib Dem policies at local and national level have led to a 60% increase in Stockport apprenticeships

Unemployment figures out this week show another fall in unemployment in Stockport.

Stockport’s unemployment rate is now down to 3.3%.  This compares favourably with the overall 4.8% figure for Greater Manchester, the 4.3% figure for the North West and the 3.8% figure for the whole of the UK.

Significantly, youth unemployment is also down.  The JSA claimant rate for 16-24 years olds was down 3.9% and the 18-24 age group down 4.2%.  The results are good news for Stockport’s apprenticeship work, in conjunction with the Lib Dem policy pushed in government to boost apprentice numbers.

The results of this work mean that 6,290 new apprenticeships have been created in Stockport since 2010, a 60% rise on the apprenticeships created in Stockport under the last government.

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