How to leave Labour

jeremy_corbyn_mp_speaks_at_anti-drones_rally_27_april_2013Labour is a proud party with a long history. Recent Labour governments have done much that the Lib Dems disagree with – the Iraq war and attacking civil liberties to name two. But Labour have done much we in the Lib Dems support too: minimum wage, tax credits, civil partnerships, investing in new schools and more.

Since May the Liberal Democrats have been winning. We’ve won more local by-elections than every other party put together, taking seats from Labour, Tories and UKIP with big swings. We are the only UK-wide pro-EU party. We know we’ve got a long, hard fight ahead to topple the Tories but we’re up for it.

Under Corbyn, the Labour Party is turning into a far-left pressure group unable to win power. It’s more unpopular than it’s ever been in opposition. As Neil Kinnock said “Not just in my lifetime but stretching back to the 1930s, by any examination this is the greatest crisis that the Labour Party has faced.”

In the hours after the Labour leadership announcement, more than a thousand new members jined the Lib Dems. If you are a Labour supporter who thinks this country needs an open, tolerant and united party that will fight the Tories instead of fighting itself, join the Lib Dem family.

Join the Liberal Democrats today.



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