Lib Dems look forward to urgent progress towards White Ribbon Accreditation after Labour’s “secret start”

At the meeting of the Full Council, Stockport’s Liberal Democrat Group secured support for the council pursuing White Ribbon Accreditation.

The White Ribbon Campaign seeks to end male violence against women and accredited organisations embed the principles contained in the White Ribbon Pledge of never committing, excusing or remaining silent about male violence against women.

Speaking after the meeting, Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Lib Dems on Stockport Council, said: “Having submitted a motion in mid-June, calling for the council to seek White Ribbon Accreditation through the usual channels, you can imagine my surprise when the Labour cabinet issued a press release in early July telling the world that they are already intent on doing this despite the absence of any published decision to do so.

“It was disappointing that Labour felt the need to re-write our motion with their amendment, only to reach the same outcome. As the issue is far more important than the wording of a motion, we accepted their amendment despite its flaws and we look forward to seeing rapid progress so that we can mark 25th November’s White Ribbon Day as an accredited organisation.”

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