Talks start for a new Lib Dem administration at Stockport Town Hall

Following an evening of mixed results with gains and losses for all parties, the Liberal Democrats are now the largest single party on Stockport Council, whilst the council remains in No Overall Control.

Speaking on Sunday, Cllr Mark Hunter, Leader of the Lib Dems at Stockport Town Hall, said: “As the largest Group on Stockport Council it is incumbent on us to start the process of trying to form a minority administration. Between us, Lisa Smart, my Deputy Leader, and I have spoken to all four of the other parties now represented on the council.

“The early signs are that there is support for a change of administration, recognising the fact that Labour have fallen back from a dead heat on seats with us and no longer have the casting vote of the Mayor.

“In 2016 Labour asserted the right of the largest Group to form an administration, and we are now using those established principles to do the same. I hope that Labour will recognise this and that there will be an orderly transition to a new open, transparent and accountable Liberal Democrat administration to take Stockport forward.

“There is much to do as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and Stockport now needs a fresh team who are willing to recognise that, as a minority administration, they need to work co-operatively with other Groups, not take decisions behind closed doors as has happened too often in recent months.

“I believe the Lib Dems are that team, and I look forward to the challenge of turning around the recent drift under Labour and to getting Stockport moving forward again, punching its weight as one of the largest local authorities in Greater Manchester”.

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